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Veneers are ceramic coverings for teeth, which are used to improve the aesthetic characteristics and correct minor malocclusion. The installation of veneers should be carried out by an experienced specialist who will ensure their reliable fixation.

Using veneers, one can improve:

  • Teeth color. Changes of the enamel color can be associated not only with exposure to food pigments or plaque on the teeth, but also with some dental diseases. For example, in case of fluorosis, whitening does not restore the natural color of the teeth. In this case, the only option is to use veneers.
  • Interdental spaces (trema, diastema). Small interdental spaces represent another aesthetic problem that can be corrected with veneers. Veneers allow you to improve your smile in just one visit to the doctor without the necessity to wear braces and suffer from restrictions for many months.
  • Enamel cracks and chipped off pieces allow pathogenic microorganisms penetrate the deeper layers of the tooth. Filling of the anterior teeth may not always bring a sufficient aesthetic result. Therefore, dentists recommend to correct the occlusion with veneers.
  • Some dental defects. With the help of ceramic veneers, it is possible to correct such defects as enamel hypoplasia, gingival smile, slight curvature of the teeth, abfractions.


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Veneers, from€650.00


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