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The dental canals therapy that we offer meets the international standards – we treat the canals using a rubber dental dam and with application of a microscope. Sophisticated optics allows the doctor to treat with extreme precision: remove only damaged tissues, treat complex root canals, restore a tooth to its ideal shape.

Root canal therapy consists of several stages:

  • Diagnosis using computed tomography. A 3D image allows you to evaluate the number, size, curvature of the roots;
  • Mechanical cleaning of canals and surrounding tissues of the tooth from infection;
  • Flushing with drugs;
  • Canal filling or installation of an inlay that repeats all anatomical features;
  • Restoration of a tooth crown.

Diagnostics and treatment of a root canal at Rocca Dent

We believe that preliminary diagnostics are extremely important. Diagnostics are especially important for endodontic treatment.

The canals of each tooth root are different. Of course, there are general rules with regard to number of root canals in incisors, premolars or molars, but often there are additional canals in a root. The canals can be tortuous, very thin or short, with a sharp bend, etc.

3D computed tomography allows you to see all the features of the roots, not only their number and location, but also evaluate the quality of the performed treatment. Properly performed cleaning and filling of the canal will guarantee that the problem will not arise again.


Juureravi ENJuureravi hind
Opening and cleaning of one root canal€65.00
Opening and loosening each subsequent root canal€45.00
Placement of medication in a root canal€25.00
Placement of medication in a root canal, each subsequent canal€15.00
Replacement of medicine in a root canal€75.00
Filling of one root canal€70.00
Filling of each subsequent root canal€34.00
Removing an old root filling from one canal€165.00
Root treatment with microscope (from)€65.00


Rocca Dent is a contractual partner of the Health Insurance Fund in providing dental care for both children and adults.

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