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Cavities appear due to the destruction of tooth enamel by pathogenic bacteria. Therapy: Cavities at the stain stage can be treated without drilling, by remineralizing the tooth enamel. Therapy of primary and middle cavities is carried out by removing the damaged part of the tooth enamel and placing a filling into the prepared cavity. In case of deep cavities, fiberglass posts, ceramic build-ups, veneers and crowns can be used to restore the tooth. Number of visits: at spot stage, or with initial and medium cavities – 1 visit: Deep cavities – 2-3 visits.


Pulpitis is the penetration of microbes into the tooth, accompanied by inflammation of the neurovascular part. It is a complication of a deep cavity. There are acute and chronic stages of the disease. Therapy: during the first visit, the root canals are treated with application of local anesthesia, i.e. the pulp is removed, the canals are treated with antiseptics. During the second visit, the root canals are filled. Immediately after this or during the next visit, the cavity is filled with a 5th generation photopolymer composite. In case of a severe tooth decay, it is recommended to cover the tooth with a crown or a veneer. Number of visits for the treatment of pulpitis: 2-3.


Periodontitis is an inflammation at the top of the tooth root. The stage of the disease can be established with the help of an x-ray. Based on the x-ray data, the dentist decides whether the tooth can be cured or if it needs to be removed. Therapy: Stage 1 – surgery, i.e. opening of the canals and removal of purulent inflammation. Stage 2 – drug antiseptic therapy and a temporary filling. Stage 3 – control x-ray picture and permanent filling. In severe cases, tooth-preserving surgery may be required. Number of visits: 1-3. Duration of treatment: 1-2 weeks.

The duration of the treatment directly depends on the type of the disease, its severeness, presence of complications. You can get all the information from the attending doctor after a preliminary examination and obtaining the tests’ data.


Hammaste ravi ENHammaste ravi hind
Light curing temporary filling€25.00
Light curing single-site filling€85.00
Light curing two-layer filler€110.00
Light curing three-site filling€130.00
Restore extensive surface coverage with light-curing material€150.00
Preparing a dental laminate with a light-cured filling€150.00
Glass-ionomer filling, 1 capsule€60.00
Glass-ionomer filling, additional capsule€25.00
Curettage of 1 tooth€18.00
Curettage for 1 sector€35.00
Dental fluorotherapy for 4 teeth€10.00


Rocca Dent is a contractual partner of the Health Insurance Fund in providing dental care for both children and adults.

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