Rocca Dent is a partner of the Health Insurance Fund

Rocca Dent is a contractual partner of the Health Insurance Fund in providing dental care for children and adults.


Dental services for children under 19 is covered by the health insurance.

The cost of visiting a pediatric dentist is €5.00 if you have a health insurance.


Old-age and disability pensioners, people with or without partial working capacity, as well as people over 63 years of age, pregnant women and mothers of children under the age of one year are paid a dental benefit of 85.00 euros per year.

At least 15% of the bill shall be paid by the patient.


For disabled and old-age pensioners, the Health Insurance Fund pays 260.00 euros for prostheses once every three years.


Other insured adults. Compensation is paid once a year.

You can find out more details about the services provided by the Fund on the website of the Health Insurance Fund.

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