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The finished prosthesis is difficult to differentiate from natural teeth, even upon closer examination. Adaptation takes several days, less often – several weeks. There is no discomfort when eating, talking.

The cases to apply the All-on-4 / All-on-5 / All-on-6 option?

  • Adentia is the complete absence of teeth in the upper and lower jaws.
  • A large number of teeth in the dentitions are missing, and the remaining teeth are dilapidated or loose (periodontal disease, periodontitis) and cannot be restored.
  • Severe atrophy of the bone tissue on the alveolar ridges, requiring the use of osteoplastic surgery (sinus lift or osteoplasty) before classical implantation.

All-on-4 / All-on-5 / All-on-6 technology refers to one-stage methods with immediate loading, since a fixed prosthesis is installed immediately after implantation before the artificial root is completely fused with the jawbone.


Implantatsioon ENImplantatsioon hind
Implantation stage 1, from€800.00
Implantation stage 2€100.00
Implantation stage 3€700.00
Surgical stage All-on-4 (1 jaw)€3,000.00
Surgical stage All-on-5 (1 jaw)€3,750.00
Surgical stage All-on-6 (1 jaw)€4,500.00
Fixed prosthesis All-on-4 (1 jaw) Zr, orthopedic stage€6,000.00
Fixed prosthesis All-on-5 (1 jaw) Zr, orthopedic stage€6,500.00
Fixed prosthesis All-on-6 (1 jaw) Zr, orthopedic stage€7,000.00
Bone filler material Ostebiol GTO Bone Mix Syringe 0.5 cc€500.00
Bone filler material Ostebiol mp3 Bone Mix Syringe 1 cc€800.00
Bone filler material EthOssSyringe 0.5cc€450.00
Set of bone filler material and membrane€400.00
Membrane Osteobiol Evolution 20/20 1 pc.€250.00
Bone level increasing, from€800.00
Enlargement of the cortica of the sinus (crest), from€1,000.00


Rocca Dent is a contractual partner of the Health Insurance Fund in providing dental care for both children and adults.

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In partnership with LIISI, we can offer you numerous options for dental services payment. The contract conclusion is quick and easy, all you have to do is to contact our administrator.

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